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Drawing inspiration from the characteristic “Ksemonia”-the stone-built isolated towers of Messinian Mani-, Monolithoi housing complex offers contemporary hospitality in harmony with the beautiful landscape that surrounds it. Monolithoi is a synthesis of two separate stone houses that develop in dialogue with the natural contour, creating a composition that re-interprets the traditional tower-houses of the Lefktro area. The stone composition of Monolithoi is highlighted by two dynamic expressions in the form of towers: a reference points for each house. Awarded for its architecture with Architizer A+ Award for best vacation house in the world for 2019, and published in world’s best architecture by Faidon; Monolithoi are designed to provide a blend of high-end and meaningful simplicity which synopsizes our hospitality philosophy.

Overviewing the ragged landscape of West Mani that gradually unfolds all the way to the sea, Monolithoi residential complex is consciously set in order to be protected in privacy. The outdoor areas of both stone houses extend in mild levels where the infinity pools, outdoor showers, build-in lounge and shaded dining areas, create an inviting and relaxing ensemble, that along with spectacular views, is ideal for the guests’ indulgence during the day and the night.

Welcome to Monolithoi Complex

The stone mass shapes that dominate among the local materials are combined with uncoated cement finishing, creating the characteristic earthy tones of Monolithoi. The concrete flooring creates a visual flow among the spaces and the big frame window panels offer undisturbed views and a calming effect of shadow and light, unifying the interior and the exterior spaces. Monolithoi are in close connection with the natural landscape, an integral part of the land bonded with traditional Mani architecture.

Each one of the Monolithoi houses incorporates the symbol of the Mani tower in their narrative: Around this powerful social element for traditional architecture and local history, evolve the two houses welcome areas, the living rooms and the master bedrooms with ensuite bathroom on the towers’ second level. In the extension of the tower, the central, linear part of the structures, host the kitchens and the dining areas that can be transformed into semi-outdoor spaces, being wisely set among the back yard and the pool big frame openings. On the same level of the houses are two double bed bedrooms, -one of them with ensuite bathroom-, and a bathroom.

For the outdoor areas and the entrance of the houses, a dynamic arrangement allows privacy and additional spaces definition. Stone levels are shaped and sea view zones that host leisure activities unfold around the infinity pools, build-in lounges and shaded dining areas of both Monolithoi houses.

Monilithoi Services

Monolithoi services are designed by travel professionals, with the promise to offer an authentic and meaningful staying experience to the Houses’ guests.


We are delighted to welcome you Monolithoi with local delicacies and the well-known authentic products of Mani.


Offering the expertise of experienced travel professionals, don’t hesitate to ask us about excursions, visits and local activities.


We can arrange to take care of your arrival and departure transfer to Monolithoi Houses.

Shopping Services

Allow us to do the shopping for your House prior to your arrival.


Daily housekeeping and change of linen every 3 days and of towels every 2 days.

Hygiene & Covid 19

We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, implementing all protocols in response to global and local public health authorities’ guidelines.


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